Asp.Net MVC OnLine Training Details.

About Training:-

This training is completely on Online via TeamViewer. It helps the developer to learn the concept more deeply with real time examples.

This training has two flavors;

1. Complete full stack MVC training

2. On Specific topic.

Note :- Specific topic can be taken on weekends; where as full stack MVC training can be four days in a week.

In this, we are going to cover bellow topics; which makes you depth understanding of the subject.

1. Introduction to MVC

    • MVC Architecture
    • Understand the MVC design pattern and how it’s applied in ASP.NET MVC
    • Understanding Model
    • Understanding View
    • Understanding Controller
    • Key benefits of ASP.NET MVC
    • Advantages of MVC based Web Application

2.  Exploring Controller’s

    • Exploring Controllers and Controller Base class
    • Passing data from Controller to View
    • Comparing View Data, View Bag and Temp Data
    • Types of Action Methods
    • Action Method Parameters

3. Exploring View

    • Layout View
    • Creation of Layout View
    • Partial view

4. HTML Helpers

    • HTML Helper Methods
    • Render HTML Form
    • Using Drop Down List
    • Binding Html Helper to Model
    • Using “For” Methods with Typed Model
    • Creating Views with HTML Helpers

5.  Model Binders

    • Default model Binder
    • Complex Type Model Binding
    • Form Collection
    • Model Binding
    • Http Posted File

Data annotation and Validations

6. Membership, Authorization and Security.

    • Use of Authorize Attribute.
    • Extending User Identity
    • Role Base Membership.

7. Overview on Ajax

    • Ajax Helpers

8.Understanding Routing

    • Introduction to Routing
    • How URL generate using Routing.

9. Filter in MVC

    • Introduction to Filter.

10. Action Filter in MVC

    • Introduction to ActionFilter.

11.Area Overview and Bundling overview.

If you want to be trained on above topic or any specific topic then fill bellow form and send your details.


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