Few line for Developer’s; Must Read !!!

We are the developer who working today with different technology. Every day handling different situation; and also getting different problem where we might think that we are getting stuck after doing many search over internet; now it’s time to take help for some one else.
Is not it ??
Yes; so what we do is ask some one other developer or any of our friends Right ?
But, still we are not finding any solution then ???
If you ask me then I have answer.
My answer is visiting any technical Forum and asks the same question there.
Who are new to .Net technology might be do not know about what is forum ??

and how it is working ?
Let me tell you;

Today we have lots of technical forum to ask the question; if you are working on .Net technology then we have specific forum for each technology. Today’s many developer are actively answering the question and what I saw one of the best technical forum for web development is Asp.net forum.
Apart from that another best one for any Microsoft technology related query is MSDN.Com.
You can ask any question/doubts there.
Don’t think that you can get answer immediately ; yes you can get the answer immediately if and only if you ask the question in appropriate manner.

So what I mean by appropriate manner?

    • Your question not so much lengthy explanation with unnecessary things; so make as much as smaller and keep it as simple.
    • Post your code if you think explanation required code stuff to understand.
    • Always choose the appropriate categories while posting the question that is most important.

So don’t be hesitated to asking your question; it’s not like that you can get your response quickly; but remember you definitely get the answer as depends upon how you explain the question. What I saw in my case maximum within four to five hour I get the response. So keep penance!!!
I am not saying that you can improve your way of asking question in one day but if you do it regularly then definitely I say you can improve a lot and you get quick response from other developers.
If you are asking question in Asp.net forum and MSDN forum then I definitely sure that you can get response to your question; in rare case you can not get; but most probably all the question get solved very quickly.

How it’s working ?
Many of us actually don’t know how the forum works; it’s not like that you are only asking question and getting response; behind the seance there are lots of stuff happen;
Basically if you are asking question in any Microsoft forum then Microsoft has it’s own moderator (moderator are the developer who have lots of experience and actively working with community and also their are various Microsoft Most Valuable Professional  (MVP))who are going to check your question whether your question related to Microsoft technology or not and also they check on which categories you are asking question. If they found any point of time your question is invalid then they can immediately remove it from forum and they send you a private message about this.
So keep in Mind this while posting question!!!
Many developer today actively contributing their valuable response in MSDN forum.
Which makes you guarantee that you get your response quickly.

If you see that many days happen you are not getting any response of your question or valid answer of your question then the best way is just open another thread and ask same question in different manner.

Last one for all; Use forum also answer the question as well; not only ask the question. So do regular visit to forum and try to read the question as you can; and on the way of reading one by one question when you feel that you can answer it just answer it by click on reply.
If you do so you are now actively work with community on a bidirectional manner.

Last but Not the List:-
We all asking the question but it’s important to keep in mind that once your question get resolved make the question mark as answer so it’s helps the community to recognize that what are the question resolved till the date. A part from that if you mark as answer then it means that you are actively engaged with that thread.

If you are belong to .Net Techies then;
Some of the best forum where you get directly in by just simple sign in:-
1) All in One as I told above i.e. is MSDN Forum
2) If specific to web technology then Asp.net Forum
3) C# Corner Forum
4) CodeProject Forum

So what we see form above that we are not alone today we have whole community with us.
If we are working on .Net technology then we have many more developer from across the country whom we can get collaborate by asking the question and get the response.
Keep asking and visiting forum.
That’s all;
Hope above information help you.
You can find my thread on MSDN forum Here

Please give me your valuable feedback and tell me if any thing i left here.


Happy Coading. 🙂


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