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Extended Method

The Method which allow programmer to extended the functionality of  exisisting class (it may either user defind r predefind class) by adding new method into that class without affecting the source code of that class that method are called as Extended method.


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Windows Programming

.Net Technology

It’s a Information related about .net Technology and Java technology

Always people are think in mind .net technology is a copy of java technology, but the way of thinking of people about the technology is wrong. Read this Blog you clearly Know what is .net technology and what is java technology.

Before the year 1995 that means before the development of java technology Microsoft is one of the company who developed application for windows as well as web .The most popular language used by Microsoft at that time to develop windows application is that Visual Basic(VB),and in the mid of 1990 Microsoft was the world top company due to these windows and web application development.He basically uses VB for windows application development and ASP for web based application development and this ASP technology at that time much popular and also know as Classic ASP.

In the 1995 when java came into existence then slowly clients are moves towards java platform because java provide a single platform under which developer can develop all the thing under single platform(i.e windows apps,web apps,mobile aap and etc) also it support almost all the feature of object oriented concept,hence the language VB and ASP goes down.So Microsoft client moves towards java, at that time Microsoft has a big loss in his business so they started a team work and decided to develop an advance technology of VB and ASP which can become as powerful as Java .So they started development and the year 2000 they released a beta version as UN-official 1.0 for testing purpose and after successful of this they finally Lunch official version of .net in the year 2002 as .net 1.0

So from this above we come to know that .net is not copy any technology rather then it is the Advance technology of VB and Asp technology.